My Philosophy of Care

Nancy S. Farr, CPM


The rite of passage into motherhood is a flow of experiences which are an intimate and intense adventure. As a traditional midwife, I value the strong connection with women, nature, and the primal function of a woman's body. I hold a firm belief in the wise woman ways that are time honored while blended with current practices which are evidenced based.  

Looking beyond the mainstream medical model, I relate to pregnant women as clients, not patients. Midwives recognize that it is not just a normal physiological period in a woman’s life but also a very spiritual path. I believe the individual mother/couple share an innate sense of what is best for themselves.  Midwives protect and nurture the normalcy of unmedicated, undisturbed birth while providing gentle guidance for informed decision making which honors individualized choice. Care that takes into account the whole person is both personalized and thorough.  I encourage you to birth your baby your way!

Midwifery is a lifestyle, not a career. The passion that I have for birth is what sustains me in this work. The relationship we create over the course of your pregnancy adds to the safety and the satisfaction with your experience. Quality of care is best when it is not fragmented amongst providers.  There are no shift changes or surprise assistants you haven’t met at your birth.

Women remember how they were treated during birth for their lifetime.  How she births is carried in her heart forever as has a very deep impact. This also helps to shape your parenting of this new being. Planning your birth is worth careful consideration. Each baby has only one opportunity to be born.

I strive to create a relationship of mutual respect, openness, and trust with the goal of becoming a ‘temporary member of your family’ by the time birth occurs.

While it is imperative to have a well documented back up plan in all instances, the overwhelming majority of home births unfold normally. 

Yes, birth IS an ‘everyday miracle’ in every way.          ~ Nancy S. Farr, CPM


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